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DATE: September 7th - 8th
Nordic Card Show

Vendor terms

1. Sign up

1.1 This event is for private exhibitors and comapanies.

1.2 Registration through email: info@NordicCardShow.com. Remember to provide the full name, phone number and what you sell. Nordic Card Show reserves the right to refuse registration without a justification.

1.3 Once registration is confirmed, we will send an invoice. Upon payment the Exhibitor confirms that terms has been read and accepted. If the payment is not made timely, your registration will be terminated without further notice.

1.4 The exhibitor table (approx 2x1 meter) is for 1 person, with black tablecloth and chair. If you want to be 2 persons or more at the same table, an additional fee is charged.

1.5 Registration and payment only apply to one card show. Doors open at 08:00 am for exhibitors and 10:00 am for visitors.

1.6 Exhibitor undertakes to participate throughout the opening hours and the exhibitor may not be taken down until the end of the day. If this is not complied with, a fee of 150€ will be charged.

1.7 If registration is cancelled no later then 30 days before the card show, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded. Less the 30 days to the card show no refund is made.

2. General

2.1 The exhibitor table itself must not be moved or altered. It is not allowed to expand the area without prior agreement with Nordic Card Show. Furthermore, it is not allowed to put up sign, stick, screw, seam or attach things to the exhibitor table. In case of violation of this, the exhibitor will be made liable for any damages.

2.2 All types of cards may be sold within Sports, Pokemon, Magic etc. Sealed boxes, sleeves & storage boxes may also be sold. From here referred to as goods.

2.3 Merchandise, clothing, shoes, games, figurines, pictures and other collectibles not defined as cards may must be cleared with Nordic Card Show, for example, stamps and coins is not allowed. Nordic Card Show reserves the right to reject items that the Nordic Card Show deems inappropriate at their discretion.

3. VAT and Tax

3.1 The exhibitor's tax and VAT conditions in connection with the sale of goods are to Nordic Card Show irrelevant, and Nordic Card Show has no responsibility for this.

4. Right of cancellation

4.1 All purchases or trades are between exhibitor and buyer. Complaints and the right of cancellation are thus irrelevant to Nordic Card Show, and Nordic Card Show has no responsibility for this.

5. Exhibitor guarantee

5.1 Exhibitor guarantee:
5.1.1 having full disposal and ownership of all goods sold from the exhibitor,
5.1.2 the goods do not infringe the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights,
5.1.3 the exhibitor's goods comply with local laws at all times.

5.2 The entry in paragraphs 5.1.1 to 5.1.3 implies that exhibitor admits to indemnification of the Nordic Card Show from any claim by a third party or public authorities regarding the above facts.

6. Theft, lost or destroyed goods

6.1 Nordic Card Show disclaims all liability for stolen, lost or damaged goods.

6.2 Nordic Card Show disclaims any responsibility for theft, vandalism, storm, fire or water damage.

6.3 Exhibitor is responsible for taking out insurance.

7. Exhibitor violation

7.1 Exhibitor's violation of these terms constitutes a breach of the registration entered into, and Nordic Card Show reserves the right to assert any violation, including compensation for loss or termination in the event. Cancellation does not entail the right to reimbursement of the registration fee.

8. Confidentiality

8.1 All Exhibitors' personal information is treated confidentially. However, reservations are made for public requests or orders to provide information.

9. Subject to change

9.1 These terms may be changed at any time by Nordic Card Show without prior acceptance from the Exhibitor.

9.2 The applicable conditions in the registration are the terms in force at any time, as they appear in the www.nordiccardshow.com/terms

10. Choice of law and venue

10.1 Any dispute between Exhibitor and Nordic Card Show must be resolved in accordance with Danish law with the Court of Holbæk as the proper venue.